With more than 25 years of practical experience investigating the numerous streams and floodplains within the Pacific Northwest, Bob leads WSE's numerical hydraulic modeling program.

Bob has applied various modeling tools to help clients better understand and solve challenging water resource problems. He has performed modeling and hydraulic evaluations on nearly every major river within Western Washington, and also has significant experience outside the region. His expertise includes applying a wide range of modeling programs, including: HEC-RAS (steady, unsteady, branched flow, 1D/2D), FEQ, MIKE 11, River2D, FLO-2D, and the SMS suite of 2D programs which includes SRH-2D, RiverFlow2D, and FST2DH (FESWMS). These tools have been used on many projects including floodplain mapping, dam break flood routing, habitat restoration, evaluation of bank erosion and countermeasures, no-rise evaluations, bridge design, and assessment of flood mitigation alternatives. He is also experienced in the application of hydraulic transient software to help design and evaluate pump, turbine, and pipe systems.

Outside of work, Bob's interests other than eating fried fish include spending time with his family, serving at church, jogging, biking, taekwondo, playing games (pinochle is his favorite) and various musical instruments.